Africa highlighted as high potential market for technology companies at DHL Global Technology Conference


DHL, the world’s leading logistics service provider, held its 5th annual Global Technology conference in Dubai last month, featuring a number of key sessions on doing business in Africa.

Under the theme of “Connecting Markets, Trends & People”, the conference hosted some 300 delegates, including many DHL customers from leading global technology companies, for a three day program of plenary sessions and workshops. Topics covered included the latest trends, innovations and solutions impacting the technology supply chain and focusing on the Middle East and Africa as key regions of interest with high growth potential.

The “Rise of Africa” plenary session and several workshops set out to explore the potential of and expectations for the African continent, with discussions on how to best navigate existing challenges and trade barriers and tap into growth.  Speakers from a number of African companies illustrated how they successfully operate in various African markets.

Ashish Thakkar, Founder and CEO of Mara Group, gave conference delegates interesting and thought-provoking insights with his keynote themed: “Inspiring Africa: Capturing Chances.” Konga’s Sim Shagaya and Tayo Oviosu, CEO of Paga, made the case for doing business in Africa, advising companies to move beyond negative media hype and become familiar with African countries on the ground in order to explore and tap into the tremendous potential that exists.

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