Job in Niger/Burkina Faso : Chief of party


Recruiter: NCBA

Position purpose:

The COP provides overall management leadership to the REGIS ER consortium (NCBA CLUSA, URC, Sheladia, Dimagi and local partners) at the country level, including managing the response to food and nutrition related emergencies which may occur in the target area, or as requested/instructed by USAID.  The COP will serve as the management leader and coordinator of a team of agricultural, agribusiness, nutrition, NRM, and WASH specialists implementing activities that will be integrated within communities to improve synergistic effects and provide greater impact. The COP will also serve as the primary field liaison with Ministry government representatives, donors, partner agencies and local institutions and communities as well as with the USAID RISE Unit in Dakar and USAID staff in Niger and Burkina Faso. S/he will have a critical role coordinating with other programs in country as well as other resilience and food security programming in the NCBA CLUSA project portfolio, with a particular focus on learning opportunities and knowledge management.


• Serves as NCBA CLUSA’s top representative and executive in Niger and Burkina Faso by establishing and/or maintaining excellent working relationships with donors, government officials at all levels, the private sector, the customers of the project, suppliers, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, and other rural and financial development practitioners;

• Serves as the project’s main contact point with USAID, maintaining home office as point of contact for report submissions and all official documentation regarding the award;

• Maintains constant communications with the home office, reporting on implementation progress and challenges encountered and working in collaboration with the home office team to solve project challenges;

• Ensures the team implements quality programming in a cost-effective manner and oversees the timely expenditure of approved budgets, avoiding both under spending and overspending on budgets;

• Recruits, trains and motivates top professional talent;

• Designs, negotiates, and executes annual project work plans that are tied to specific project deliverables;

• Oversees with the Deputy Chief of Party project monitoring, reporting and evaluation, including participating in the design of PMP and M&E system;

• Manages internal controls, policies and procedures that are in-line with US Government and NCBA CLUSA compliance regulations;

• Supervises the management of sub-grants;

• Provides leadership, advice, and mentoring of support staff and project partners;

• Designs, market tests, and ramps up the delivery of new and innovative farming systems, resiliency models, marketing strategies, and the accompanying tools;

• Provides leadership, advice, and mentoring of rural smallholder agribusiness associations, cooperatives and depot committees;

• Prepares project implementation and impact reports and other programming/project documents as needed for the effective oversight by head office and marketing of NCBA CLUSA achievements and capabilities;

• The COP will lead in innovation and helps to find new solutions according to articulated needs on behalf of the Government, beneficiaries, and the donor;

• Represents NCBA CLUSA at national, international, and regional conferences and donor meetings, as appropriate;

• Coordinating with country office, the COP ensures that the program is compliant with local labor and tax laws and NCBA CLUSA human resource policies and procedures.

• The COP ensures that all staff are aware of and understand NCBA CLUSA policies and procedures;

• The COP promotes staff capacity building and works with senior managers and the home office staff to identify gaps, anticipate problems and innovate and implement solutions.

More information & Application: NCBA


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