Can Ethiopia reach carbon neutrality by 2025?


Kare Chawicha heads Ethiopia’s Ministry of Environment and Forest. The ministry has a key role in trying to harmonise the country’s push for rapid economic growth with efforts to protect and conserve Ethiopia’s environment.

TRF: How have Ethiopia’s efforts at building a “green economy” fared since they were launched more than four years ago?

Chawicha: Our ministry is responsible for coordination and leading of the climate green economy across sectors and across national level (with the aim to) align environmental issues with our development activities.

We’ve been creating awareness at federal level, regional level and donor-community level, and have developed institutions such as a climate financing mechanism at a national level. We call it the Climate Resilient Green Economy Facility, situated at Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

TRF: One of the issues facing Ethiopia is deforestation. What is your ministry doing to stem this problem?

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