Spotlight On Tonye Cole, African Entrepreneur And Hiring Guru


Countries that have transformed their economies have given entrepreneurship a great deal of attention, Sahara Group Managing Director Tonye Cole said in a recent keynote speech, according to a report in TheGuardian.

Cole is co-founder of a Nigeria-based energy conglomerate founded in 1996. Sahara Group does business in power, energy, gas and infrastructure with nine companies operating in eight countries employing 680 people and revenue of $10.6 billion in 2012.

In an interview in HuffingtonPost with David Jensen, Cole was asked if he had any hard-and-fast rules he follows in selecting team members or those who will be working close with him.

“Yes I do,” Cole said. “I seek people who have an inquisitive mind and have skills I don’t possess. I must learn from them so they also must be willing to learn and teach as well. Because I am a mid- to long-term strategist, the ability of members of my team to implement these strategies in the immediate phase is a component I highly require.”

Cole built a base of employees over multiple companies, but has touched many more lives through his goals to create a sustainable Africa and help those less fortunate through philanthropic activities, Jensen said in the HuiffingtonPost.

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